Friday, 19 December 2008

a little bit more about 9/11

Filed on December 15, 2008, this is the most powerful lawsuit ever launched by a 9/11-related party. It was not only filed by minority female career officer who was an eyewitness to/victim of the 9/11 Pentagon attack, but it directly accuses Cheney/Rumsfeld et al and directly asserts that there was no evacuation or scramble orders given by the defendendants, despite at least thirty minutes' foreknowledge given by air traffic controllers. The plaintiff also clearly states that she personally saw no airplane hit the Pentagon -- that there were only explosions set off or created by a missile attack. This lawsuit is also beautifully written, comprehansively recapitulating the most salient discrepancies in the official story. This could be a major breatkthrough for the 9/11 Truth movement on a number of levels, whether or not it is never tried or won in an official court of law.

the lawsuit has 59 points...

point 42 reads:

42. Further, it should be noted that on September 10, 2001, the day before the attack, Defendant Rumsfeld conducted a press conference at the Pentagon in which he publicly announced that auditors had determined that some 2.3 trillion dollars in Defense Department funds —$2.300,000,000,000 — could not be accounted for. To plaintiff’s knowledge and belief, part of the area of the ground floor of the Pentagon that was destroyed in the bombing is a location where records were kept that would be used to trace those funds, and where people worked who knew about them. On information and belief, there has been to this day no public report concerning the fate of those records, or that money.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

insider trading...

this is a short extrat from a very long email...

Insider Trading
Pre-9/11 Put Options were bought on more than Airlines
Financial transactions in the days before the attack suggest that certain individuals used foreknowledge of the attack to reap huge profits. The evidence of insider trading includes:
· Huge surges in purchases of put options on stocks of the two airlines used in the attack -- United Airlines and American Airlines
· Surges in purchases of put options on stocks of insurance companies expected to pay out billions to cover losses from the attack -- Munich Re and the AXA Group
· Surges in purchases of put options on stocks of financial service companies hurt by the attack -- Merrill Lynch & Co., and Morgan Stanley and Bank of America
· Huge surge in purchases of call options of stock of a weapons manufacturer expected to gain from the attack -- Raytheon
· Huge surges in purchases of 5 year treasury notes.
All this can not be explained as "market pessimism," because the prices of the stocks in ALL the airlines doesn't reflect the same market pessimism.
$2.5 million of the put options remained unclaimed is not explained at all by market pessimism, and is evidence that the put option purchasers were part of a criminal conspiracy

Thursday, 9 October 2008

it's good to known that

propaganda has gone away and there are public spirited individuals prepared to make this video so we all know about something.

I couldn't watch all of it, it's such a obvious attempt to discredit someone. I can't be arsed to research the background of this piece as frankly the yanks are so self obsessed and child like, spending time getting to the bottom of this is just going to waste my time, I have more interesting and constructive things to be doing.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

remix time

380 million pound cliff

derby is economically building itself, i know this, i heard the man behind it all say so. westfield have a massive building in the city, heralded as part of why people will travel in from their suburban bliss to derby. a trend is emerging with the building, here's the latest

Monday, 29 September 2008

aturn about

recently thoughts to do with notion of ego. a page as a starting point

Monday, 22 September 2008

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click on to drill or not to drill,2933,420865,00.html

I'm not a fan of the interviewer's technique and opinionated ranting about opec members, he's fuelling the masses-using his position to properganda proportions

the russian deep wells are

allegidly 42000 feet deep, that's 7.95 miles deep.

a mile...

Why are there 5,280 feet to a mile? Why not a number like 5,000?

The measurement known as a mile is a vestige of the Roman Empire's rule over Britain. At this time, the Romans had a measurement known as mille pasuum (ME-lay PA-soo-em), or a thousand paces. A pace comprised five, possibly sandal shod, Roman feet. Using a simple mathematical calculation, we arrive at 5,000 feet per mile.

The demise of the Roman Empire left the Britons in a quandary. They now had a mile, consisting of 5,000 feet, and their own agricultural measurement, the furlong, used to measure the farmers' fields for the purpose of property deeds, etc. Instead of using the Roman foot in calculating the measure of a furlong, they used the distance a horse could pull a plow, in a linear fashion, before the nag needed a nap. They agreed that this measurement consisted 660 feet.

Now came the dilemma. The British wished to marry the furlong to the mile, but, as they wanted a mile to comprise eight furlongs, totaling 5,280 feet, instead of the Roman 5,000 feet per mile, they had no choice but to select one of the two. Not surprisingly, they chose their measurement over the Roman measurement because, as property deeds at the time were measured in furlongs, or 660 feet, a change to the Roman measurement would short the farmer or landowner.


embrace new technology-go get some of that oil

in response to alleged deep wells in russia

What is the diameter of the earth?

The diameter of the earth at the equator is 7,926.41 miles (12,756.32 kilometers).

But, if you measure the earth through the poles the diameter is a bit shorter - 7,901 miles (12,715.43 km). Thus the earth is a tad wider (25 miles / 41 km) than it is tall, giving it a slight bulge at the equator. This shape is known as an ellipsoid or more properly, geoid (earth-like).

more peak oil research

excited by another blog

I've begun another blog, in a place for third year art students to tell of their experiences through the final year. It feels good to have that outlet, this blog becomming much more of a record of the thoughts out loud of the day.

Friday, 12 September 2008

the walk home

I've walked back from the library.

On the way back, I had a pen thrown at me and a little later some boy leans out of a passing car and shouts an inoperable word at me. I don't understand why. I did take a picture of the pen with accompanying pavement and surroundings.

John Cooper Clark has a poem that might well help in this situation.

if something is known...

if something is known about, and is risky, it's a known risk.
That's a basis of health and safety.

If something is known about, and could be improved upon
would we all collectively want it to be improved upon.

If someone states something we don't like,
what's the reaction.

here's another offering from Cooper Clark

picking up

I've realised I'm kind of picking up where I left off.

What do I mean ?

I saw Atilla and John Cooper at a small festival in essex, there were of a lot of acts on that weekend, and it's because of those two that i remember what the weekend was. At a festival this summer, atilla was performing and having seen him again, I remember JCC. His almost dylan esque appearance and accent defining. I spoke of jim last nite in the pub, with a bloke what i now talk to when we are both in the pub. Seeing and hearing him again has been a link, a positive happy link back to those earlier times. At those earlier times, I maybe wasn't able to follow up seeing those guys and I'd not been at the festival with friends, so there was not that festival follow up thing.

Finding jcc playing nearby and atila too, I've made a connection with those past times and now, as I say, kind of picking up where I left off, although at the time I was unaware of that.

Interesting times.

and the daily express doesn't

the pies have it

well i never...

he's coming to a theatre near you

tickets are available to purchase

i can listen to this

catching up with an old friend

Thursday, 11 September 2008

research about climate change

direct action makes front page news. Yes this was front page of the independent today.

this about energy

there's way to many words in it so I've posted this purely for my own reference, I've not read it yet

from an unknown sauce

Democracy Now!
Date: Wednesday, September 10, 2008,

Congressman Jim McDermott Backs Bush Impeachment

On Capitol Hill, Congress member Jim McDermott of Washington has become the latest lawmaker to sign onto a measure to impeach President Bush. McDermott announced his support on Tuesday from the House floor.
Rep. Jim McDermott: “I was attacked for saying the President would mislead us into the war, but the American people ultimately learned the truth. There seems to be no end to the allegations, and we have a responsibility to investigate their authenticity. That’s why I’m signing onto a resolution to consider impeachment of the President. Without accountability, a democracy will fail.”
McDermott is the tenth House member to support the measure, which is co-authored by Congress member Dennis Kucinich of Ohio.

it came from here

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


today has to be a bout this group...

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

this place has got the idea

music to back up too.

and in other news-9/11 passengers

9/11 Misinformation: Flight 'Passenger Lists' Show 'No Hijacker Names'

By Arabesque
August 31, 2008

The assertion that 9/11 passengers lists “contained no Arab names” is frequently seen in the 9/11 truth movement.[1] For example, this article by Enver Masud is headlined, “Why are there no Arab names on the passenger list for the planes used in the September 11, 2001 attack…?”[2] The 9/11 website 9/11 Hard Facts claims, “[On] officially released passenger lists provided by the airlines to the media, no Arab names appear on any of the four passenger lists.”[3] In David Ray Griffin’s 9/11: The Myth and the Reality, he repeats the claim that, “[Their] names should be on the flight manifests. But the flight manifests that have been released contain neither the names of the alleged hijackers nor any other Arab names.”[4] John Leonard, Webster Tarpley and Kevin Barrett’s publisher, repeats the claim that “Scholars [for 9/11 Truth]… report things like ‘there were no Arabs on the passenger lists’”[5] As well, Michael C. Ruppert, citing Gary North wrote, “Another easy and non-debatable hole is with the passenger lists and the hijackers. Gary North, Ph.D. - a history professor… relied on lists published by CNN… Official reports state that there were only 19 hijackers. Second, none of listed passenger names are Arabic, Muslim… The government needs to provide an explanation for this glaring discrepancy.”[6]

WLTM-the director's view

the director of WLTM has published this report of the event.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

from listening to a man in a field to....

watching bits of a braodcast from a man in a field.

Obama, that bloke hoping to be a president of the USof A made an acceptance speech. I couldn't be arsed to stay up and watch it, so I let some very nice people edit it and screen it for me via the news the following day. Within their edit they included the bit that Obama said


And for the sake of our economy, our security, and the future of our planet, I will set a clear goal as president: in 10 years, we will finally end our dependence on oil from the Middle East.


The day before Ob's speech I'd watched A Crude Awakening. Within it were references to the US of A's fule usage. I thought, how the hell is Ob proposing to do this seemingly impossible thing. He continued after the quoted line to say


Washington's been talking about our oil addiction for the last 30 years, and John McCain has been there for 26 of them. In that time, he's said no to higher fuel-efficiency standards for cars, no to investments in renewable energy, no to renewable fuels. And today, we import triple the amount of oil as the day that Senator McCain took office.

Now is the time to end this addiction, and to understand that drilling is a stop-gap measure, not a long-term solution. Not even close.

As president, I will tap our natural gas reserves, invest in clean coal technology, and find ways to safely harness nuclear power. I'll help our auto companies retool, so that the fuel-efficient cars of the future are built right here in America. I'll make it easier for the American people to afford these new cars. And I'll invest $150bn over the next decade in affordable, renewable sources of energy - wind power and solar power and the next generation of biofuels; an investment that will lead to new industries and five million new jobs that pay well and can't ever be outsourced.


Ob has hit upon something that is dicussed within the Peak Oil discussion.

My issue with the 10 year clain is that he'll only possibly be in office for 8 years and he'll need to purseude the good ol american people to use less petroleum.

The notion of Peak Oil began in the US of A in 1956, it was not taken seriously and ignored for 20 years. With time, it's possible to look back and say, "hell that professor bloke was right."

I can't be arsed with American politics, coz it's just like the UK, just bigger and even worse.

What the West needs is some strong leadership that does something about the situation, rather than reacting to soemthing already going on.

I believe that Peak Oil is real enough to need to take seriously now. If we don't, there will be a hell of a shock sometime in the future where we are told there are only a few years of crude oil left.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

what did I do this weekend...

I saw this man somewhere in a field.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

how to counter a critisism

it was alleged in an exchange of views on the fine art blog that "i was always right"

it's not about that.

I realise that now.

I'm not always right, I'll merely have an opinion.

WLTM invite

WLTM update

the pairing process has been completed, the announcements have been made thus

Friday, 15 August 2008

and in other news

in order to keep the flow, there's another installment of the earlier thread...

as it's friday...

I was on you tube and some how I got from hitler to some dude jumping an astin martin car. Not sure how that happened .

oh look, just 4 years.....

getting thoughts into clearer space

the thread of thought about a political party in england has been interesting for me this week. Finally I see that responding in a manner that is as negative as the thing that the response is about doesn't help to show the negative ness ness of the initial thing.

and returning to an older thread.

here are a couple of additions to the thread of politcal party ness ness

getting back to "the art"

Emin has a retrospective in Edinburgh

a link to an interview with the block what lit the olympic games opening ceremony thing.

here's an interview with the lighting designer.

it does have some really boring anal statistics about the equipment.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

if I'm not a braodcaster...

I've spoken to the person who manages the "Big Screen" in Derby. We discussed various issues and things. One thing is the screen is 16 x 9, as I said "I'm not a broadcaster, so I still work in 4 x 3. If I'm not a broadcaster, then what am I ? Is there any room for what I am in that "broadcast world" ?

I can of course make my 4 x 3 work in a 16 x 9 environment. I have decided to make that for myself, otherwise, the screen people will "fill the screen". I do feel slightly bullied by what they want. Another situation where 'they' are the controlling beings.

feeling the need for comments

I've been spreading some comments today:

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Monday, 11 August 2008

in other endeavours

US Military Concludes No Saddam Link to Al Qaeda
ABC News
Tuesday 11 March 2008
ABC News' Jonathan Karl Reports: ABC News has obtained a comprehensive military study of Saddam Hussein's links to terrorism. The study, which is due to be released Wednesday, is based on the analysis of some 600,000 official Iraqi documents seized by US forces after the invasion. It is also based on thousands of hours of interrogations of former top officials in Saddam's government who are now in U.S. custody.
The headline: "This study found no 'smoking gun' (i.e., direct connection) between Saddam's Iraq and al Qaeda."


Thursday, 7 August 2008

Brief Excerpt from the Late Alexander Solzhenitsyn's "Warning to the West"‏

"We are approaching a major turning point in world history, in the history of civilization. It's the sort of turning point where the hierarchy of values which we have venerated, and we use to determine what is important to us and what caused our hearts to beat is starting to rock and may collapse. These two crises, the political crisis of today's world and the oncoming spiritual crisis, are occuring at the same time. Your leaders will need profound intuition, spiritual foresight, high qualities of mind and soul. May God grant that in those times you will have at the helm personalities as great as those who created your country."

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

SPECIAL - privelidged sneak preview of the opening ceremnoy song for the 2008 Olympics

2008 Olympic news-for cats

empathy - some interesting and important research

some other things from the United States of America

here are some highlights from a recent received email

WASHINGTON — After four years of painstaking scientific research, the F.B.I. by 2005 had traced the anthrax in the poisoned letters of 2001 to a single flask of the bacteria at the Army biodefense laboratory at Fort Detrick, Md., according to government scientists and bureau officials.

About 18 months ago, investigators appeared to sharpen their focus on Bruce E. Ivins, a veteran anthrax researcher, whom they placed under intensive surveillance as they examined every aspect of his life and work.
Since Dr. Ivins’s suicide last week, F.B.I. officials have said prosecutors were preparing to indict him for sending the anthrax letters, which killed five people, although charges appear to have been a few weeks away.
Dr. Ivins had been a respected microbiologist for three decades at the United States Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick. He was a popular neighbor in Frederick, Md., a Red Cross volunteer and an amateur juggler who played keyboards at his church.

these were taken from :

August 5, 2008

Pressure Grows for F.B.I.’s Anthrax Evidence

the ongoing WLTM project

the "would like to meet" project is progressing. It's an experiment in curation, at least alternative ways of selecting work, not based on 'being a friend of the curator' or some such notion.

The process involves being matched to other participants, my results are here

My application was very much in the dating agency style. Including an old picture and frank and uninteresting stuff about me.

With recent thooughts about an older piece of work, and a television failing, if selected, the work shown will probably not be that which was submitted. As the wltm process isn't about the work, what work I show will be down to my descision nearer the date.

I wait with interest the final results and news of selection or not.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

hind sight is a wonderful thing.

they do say that.

maybe coincidence is also a factor with such things. If you were at a race meeting and saw two magpies, would you get the motor race stopped.

It's the olympics soon. Some random bloke in America has been saying some stuff. Obviously it's a construct and he likes to hear his own voice so nothing will happen. Just in case he's not quite as mad as he seems...

I have recieved this...

Webster Tarpley is doing his Saturday show "World Crisis Radio" this weekend as an all out warning and call to action against a possible U.S. Covert Op to shame the Chinese with a terrorist attack at the games. He is talking about how he is concerned they will be using a rebel group as a patsy. Tarpley is warning that this will the biggest mistake the current U.S. shadow government forces (Zbigniew Brzezinski) could make to anger China.

You can use GCN Network to listen with World Crisis Radio On Demand

Here is the article Tarpley is talking about on his show:

Terrorists to target Olympic Games, China says

Tarpley says U.S. and British Intelligence maybe behind this attack.

Thursday, 31 July 2008

in the west

in the east

a telescope on the peoples to our west...

recently I have recieved an email(of some length) in which loads of words are used. I've picked out the most relevent points below...

As America Collapses US Government Secret Plans Revealed The mass media said almost nothing about the secret meeting of the House, mentioning only one of the items being discussed. (The new surveillance techniques that are going to be used by the U.S. Government to watch all American citizens). The story was first released in a newspaper out of Brisbane, Australia revealing the contents of the secret U.S. Government meeting and plans for America including all of it's citizens. Shortly there after, David J. Meyer from Last Trumpet Ministries found it and made it more available for the world to see.
Here is what was revealed:
  • The imminent collapse of the U.S. Economy to occur sometime in late 2008

  • The imminent collapse of the U.S. Government finances sometime in mid 2009
  • The possibility of Civil War inside the United States as a result of the collapse
  • The advance round-ups of "insurgent U.S. Citizens" likely to move against the government
  • The detention of those rounded up at The REX 84 Camps constructed throughout the United States
  • The possibility of public retaliation against members of Congress for the collapses
  • The location of safe facilities for members of Congress and their families to reside during massive civil unrest
  • The necessary and unavoidable merger of The U.S. with Canada and Mexico establishing The North American Union
  • The issuance of a new currency called the AMERO for all three nations as an economic solution.

Such complex and massive preparations, even for the above mentioned "safe facilities" alone, would require a great deal of time to accomplish don't you think? How long have "they" been so expectantly preparing? What is this really about?


Sunday, 27 July 2008

working towards feeling like an artist

I'm included in a curation experiment

I struggle with the word "artist". In the past I've worked with artists and I'm nothing like them and I struggle with people using the word "artist" when clearly they are an artisan.

I hope that the more I see my name within several words of "artist" that the feeling comes to me. In the meantime, I'll do my own thing, make what I want to make, understanding that in no way does it fit with "mainstream" culture and not really knowing where within the "underground" I am. I will not add that this scenario at times is lonely, coz that would just be silly.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

a post on another blog...

"this artist is outrageous-streuth- a dog - OH I"M SO ANNOYED.

how dare he do this.

how dare he use an unempowered creature and do with it what he wants. It's outrageous. I can't believe a human would do this to a dog. I can't believe a human would manipulate a creature unable to speak for it self for his own wants, needs and goals.

I can't believe in a sophisticated developed society, this kind of behaviour is possible.

I can't believe that so many citizens are unaware of what is happening in their own country. I can't beleive that a human would willfully do something that compromises the quality of life of another.

There needs to be more awareness made about people that do this sort of thing to others. It surely can't be allowed to continue. Surely the people will up rise and exclaim NO - enough already."

the blog is connected with an artist who placed a dog in an art gallery.

The blog is mediated and a post that I thought was reasoned was not published. The above has been written in a deliberate 'rant' style in a deliberate attempt to get it published by the blog administrator. I believe that the blog is somewhat biased.

When reading the above entry, consider the American government, instead of artist.

What are your thoughts ?

music project pod cast

testing if it will upload...looking far so good....

no, failed again.

another try... fingers is a smaller file, so hopes are in upward positive areas of hopeful ness ness.

NO. another failure...

another file type...

website promotion

a useful site

music project-Abbey Community Art Project

the work on this project is going well. The audio edit is complete, the video has been cut to the audio.

There will be a podcast version of the concert available on the Abbey blog site quite soon, well after I've had some lunch...

first attempts to upload were unsuccesful. Disappointed. :(

DVD delivered

I delivered the DVD to the school this morning. It seems to have been running for months, which it has. Wait for feedback now...

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

it just a word

the word is


reading through a past feedback form, this word appeared and it has stuck with me. Is it a core word for the year about to happen...

Monday, 21 July 2008

a school DVD project

in February a school in a nearby place moved buildings. I was asked to document the move. Something I enjoyed doing. I learnt a lot from the day itself and a lot more from the subsequent DVD preparation and conversations moving the DVD to a close. Today a second version of the DVD is being burnt. On it is a summary of the day, as that's easier to watch as it's a bite size version of the lovely bits.

As the old school opened in 1909 and closed in 2008, the full versions of the last assembly, the walk to the new school and the first assembly in the new school remain on the disc, as a historical record of the day in 2008, when the pupils of the school moved to a lovely new shiney building.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

by the way

I've been informed by letter that I can proceed into the third year.

Monday, 14 July 2008


Joe Anybody

website of Joe Anybody

wow Hutchinson Effect

there's a Canadian guy, he has an effect named after him, from his research done into something I don't understand yet.

Some research seems to be around power transmission through an air gap, that some one within the 9/11 thing has made some connection to WTC 7, or did I just do that in my head, I don't know actually.

I like this footage as it has an interesting quality.

a clip about the war in Iraq

this clip has no context of date and about what the programme was centred on. I guess it's about the war in Iraq. I found it interesting, as it pulls in some contexts of time before the war began.

being amused so early on a Monday.

an ariel view of the pentagon collision on 9/11.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

for awareness, here's a link for a 9/11 site

I post this here for "reference"

Tower 7 WTC

recently the BBC aired their conspiracy theory programme series including the collapse of tower 7 at the world trade centre. here is an audio piece from some american gentlemen after they saw the programme. The audio quality is a little poppy so don't listen to it loudly. It's a little under 18 minutes long

Monday, 7 July 2008

with a little patience and an email

after lengthy testing, I knew something with was not correct. The domain admin company were contacted and very quickly everything was working again.

I'm so pleased that I transfered to a company that are quick and effiecient at sorting stuff out.


today has seen the swopping of my braodband provider and also the company that has the domain "on it's books"

it means that at home I had an internet "outage" for sometime, plugged in the new broadband provider box and it worked. The email address have had some interuption to service, the forwarding has been reapplied and in time will return. There may be some returned mails for the rest of today.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

and social compliance


I quite like...

another programme on the BBC called The Real Hustle. They show some interesting situations, using distraction

not much on telly.

after watching the BBC 2 programme about WTC 7, there wasn't much else on. I wanted to find some infomoration on the Hydrogen powered boat, that has a connection with Birmingham University, couldn't.

Amused myself with some stuff of you tube.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

found on MSN website today...

Darling says oil price "real problem"

Darling says oil price "real problem" (© REUTERS2008)


LONDON (Reuters) - The oil price is a real problem and production needs to rise, Chancellor Alistair Darling said on Thursday.

In a radio interview with the BBC, Darling said high oil prices were feeding inflationary pressures not just in Britain but around the world.

"Oil was yesterday over $140 a barrel. When you consider that a year ago it was half that, this is a real problem for us," he said.

"We have got to ensure two things I think. One is that we can increase production of oil in the short term but also in the longer term we have got to reduce our dependency, particularly for our country, on imported levels of oil and gas."

(Reporting by Sumeet Desai and Jeremy Lovell; editing by Mike Peacock)

Monday, 30 June 2008

4 years to the olympics-stadium gets started 3 months early

a quick catch up with the east london advertiser

JCB are doing their bit too. Very lovely.

new broadband

wow, broadband prices are so low right now. I've had to switch ISP. Slightly limbo position as I'm not quite sure when the service will swop over. I am in control of that, once everything is in place.

Exciting times.

as I haven't put anything up for a while

seen this in a email

Thursday, 19 June 2008


the anti christ ?

is it Mabus as Nosty baby thought,


Oil ?

last entery for now...

this last clip is from around 2003.

and what about the UK ?

here are a few words from 2005

some 'mainstream media people' put their bit in about ANWR

click the ANWR 101 link if it doesn't immediately load in the player

"as long as we depend on oil, we'll depend on foreign governements for oil" some woman from the telly.

Swedish Guy has a theory...

some written words about peak oil

quite a boring radio piece about Alaska

from New Zealand - prices at the pumps...

peak oil, some "informed" debate

watch out for the second guy with hid gun ho 4 word blog entry.

ANWR is the northern part of Alaska

peak oil

it's a term I have only become aware of in the last few days. a google search brings this result

It would be interesting to hear an insiders perspective of the notion of 'peak oil.'


The essay is ready to hand in. I didn't think it was going to be possible for me to complete it. It feels very good.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

an avenue I need to look at

I discovered last night that speaking out loud about what I'd been reading worked quite well. Speaking with a friend this morning, it was suggested that I investigate something...

Monday, 9 June 2008

what happened to building 7 ?

An article appeared in the financial times on june 6th.

a tale of a thinker, inspired by those elders at University.

another google search with an interesting outcome. The article is very wordy, I didn't get to the end, still it's here for later reading.

Monday morning.

Monday morning
coffee drunk.

Monday morning
cereal ate.

Monday morning
itch on the elbow.

Monday morning
essay to write.

Monday morning
voice being negative.

Monday morning

looking for Gary Young, I found this

google search that went out of focus

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

left to do...

an essay, that's all.

Ilam - work made there part 3(2) - the stick person

I took the notion of the stick person to Ilam with me...

all the sketches were made under the notion of diversity for the animals living there. By my intervention with the environment, I was making it more interesting for the animals. The enjoyable part of that is that not all of my human counter parts noticed what I'd made and done in the space.
The formal pieces of work had to be removed after a certain time. The sketches of diversity were left for the animals to discover.

Ilam - work made there part 3 - some of the sketches

these are some of the 'diversity intervention sketches'

Ilam - work made there part 2

this piece became known to me as 'identification of unhappiness'

Ilam - work made there part 1

this became known as 'the resting figure'

Ilam report handed in.

The Ilam report was handed in yesterday. Ilam was a four day residency where we were invited to make work in response to the being at Ilam.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

community stuff

it strikes me that people will only listen to what they want to hear. Unresearched, I feel that's through passion for what the subject is that they speak of.

There is a slow move to empowering the residents in the commuity in which I live. There is however always going to be some basis of what is already there, influencing the attempted progression. Some Italian guy might have written about that concept...

Monday, 19 May 2008


is 19th May. I have an extension on the essay. Ilam report to do for the 2nd June, extension is mid June, so the second year for me is not yet done and dusted.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Three Four-installation and detail

Three Four

installation views of my second year piece 'Three Four'

goodbye Sheds

we were told that we are to be the last year to use the Sheds 4 and 5 at the Britannia Mill site. They are to be knocked down. They are to replaced by another development somewhere else...

where am I now...

Career in Practice report finished-handed in. (copy sent to organisation wot I spoke to)

Directed Study project in Fine Art - finished handed in.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

left to do for that module(thinking out loud)

1 the 500 word statement
2 the 500 word exhibition proposal with audience intentions.
3 the proposal drawings
4 the risk assessement
5 the collation of images
6 anything else I remember

the catalogue entry will be

the image is a detail.

Andrew Martyn Sugars
Three Four
2 chairs+2 DVD players+2 tellies

google: andrew martyn sugars

approaching the second year exhibition

I have sent my statement for the second year exhibition. Bravely I am placing here for a wider group to see it.

Andrew Martyn Sugars
Three Four.

I am investigating work made from documentitive occurrences within situations. I’m interested in relationships and their change.
To research these I joined a Community Cohesion programme as a resident and became involved in a project involving creative processes as a means to bring people together. Through discussion it became clear that communication and space to understand between citizens are needed for a community to start to work again.
In the work on display, I am looking at relationships in two part, three part and communication within, using documentitive occurrences gathered from the community in which I live.

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

here's a good example of how editting can really give something ok, much more impact.

keeping a loose eye on the 2012 games...

I do like to keep an eye on what's happening. At four years out all this stuff will happen under the radar I guess. Found this recent Beeb report, I was looking for news of a building going the other way...

Big events take time and experience to put on. The government took on the Millennium Dome in late 90's as a company taking on a sales conference for the first time and without really listening to those with experience. Are the 2012 games heading towards an embracing fiasco or the magnificent thing that the marketeers told us it would be like so all we have to do is trust their word and everything will be lovely.

Remember that the media centre was originally placed near the centre of the village. In the shake up of plans a year after the bid was won, the media centre was moved to the outskirts of the village so that the space left could be used for corporate hospitality suites.

thank you for this recomendation...

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

life continues

life continues

the man of dust lay
down to sleep
twas a thursday.

gentley until morn
he lay.

A wind blew
he was no more.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Sunday, 20 April 2008

well, I'm 9/11 all outted....time for...

The question of conspiracy is a core one. I had to look the word up, just to check if it's use age was indeed correct itself. There are a few more videos on the u tube site, makes for interesting watching. I do find some of the videos over produced, trying to be mainstream acceptable, which I feel cheapens their message. Such as is the power of the so called mainstream.

I'll not go into a rant, or a it should or that should...

For me, it's down to an individual to consider and make decisions for themselves. Until a time when we all make those decisions for ourselves, maybe the mainstream remains a construct of control.

and I get into a train of thought...

I've recently stated that I'm obsessed with my own reality and my own truth. Following on from the two videos, I've added another, about the day in September in America when two planes and two buildings became quite close, in a buddy kind of way. I'm desensitized to the events that day so I find it possible to watch and listen to what people say. It's quite interesting what is said about the secondary devices.

interview reference

the previous video references an interview with a chap. This video appears to be part of the interview being referenced...

as I was told, listen to those people saying the words, not those telling us about what someo one else said.

a little video about borders...

includes a shot of plane hitting building

Friday, 18 April 2008

my blog has been quiet...

yes indeed.

I've been working on the DVD for the Herbert Strutt school move. Then it'll be working on essay and final piece and C in P writings and Volunteering wrtings and it's all go and I have to get on with it bye........

Monday, 7 April 2008

Careering practically

yet another load of stuff to do !

it's been a little quiet as...

I've been on a residency at Ilam Hall in Staffordshire. More pictures to come soon, here's just one of the views I had all week.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Saturday 22nd March 2008.

it was a fun, very knackering day.
a picture from setting up:

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

This saturday...

is the great big community art project known as..

"Abbey Doing It"

I have the 'Box of Rejection' and 'Digital Multi-sheet images' on show. I will be there at the event recording and documenting the 'goings on'. I'm quite nervy about it, scared, worn out by bureaucracy yet OK with it at the same time. All this while still being very scared about the next two
months within the degree programme.

And I'm starting to get into Heidegger...

I've been ill

Not much on here for a while. I've been ill and a little blocked up. Abbey project this weekend.

Monday, 3 March 2008

oh this weekend coming.....

moto gp is back

enough playing already

I've been playing this morning. Now having to stop and think about library and 2pm and 2:30pm meetings. Oh well, it's all go.

My feet are quite cold too.

and another workout....

Replace the blanks in the following sentence with two seven-letter words,

the same seven letters must be used for both words.

What are they?

The finances are stretched to the limit and the margin between managing

to repay the BLANK and going under is a BLANK one.

here's today's workout...

ok girls ? r u ready for a Monday morning workout....

here's a your choerographer for the warm up session...

Sunday, 2 March 2008

I've been busy

last week was a busy one. I haven't forgotten about this blog, busily catching up with other stuff.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008


been playing, this is from a yet to be names series of photos. This one is just for fun

quiet time before school move documentation

Tomorrow is school move documentation day. Today is getting ready for that and trying to solve the sticky light switch in the garage.

Oh, and I got 'taken' by a phone call. The recorded message told me of a little known government thing, that could help with my debt and allow me to pay what I could afford. All I had to do was press 6, to find out more. I pressed 6, line went dead. Maybe I'll be charged for the call. "sucker"

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Monday, 11 February 2008

and for something completely different


hanging shoes - what's it called ?

Before tea could be started, a great revalation, the hanging shoe thing has a name

funny how paths of thoughts, all separate, have tendancy to: at times

exist within the same frame.

another article on shoes

hanging shoes-what's the vibe...

after adding my 'hanging shoes' picture, the "I wonder why" got the better of me.

So far I've found this by a very sound sounding bloke, (it's all in the name of course)


at home with John and Debbie

then there is this site for all things rumoured.

another site


I quite like this answer.

once the research becomes slightly diluted and leads to this kind of thing, I do feel that it's time for a cup of coffee and consideration of what to have for tea.