Wednesday, 23 July 2008

a post on another blog...

"this artist is outrageous-streuth- a dog - OH I"M SO ANNOYED.

how dare he do this.

how dare he use an unempowered creature and do with it what he wants. It's outrageous. I can't believe a human would do this to a dog. I can't believe a human would manipulate a creature unable to speak for it self for his own wants, needs and goals.

I can't believe in a sophisticated developed society, this kind of behaviour is possible.

I can't believe that so many citizens are unaware of what is happening in their own country. I can't beleive that a human would willfully do something that compromises the quality of life of another.

There needs to be more awareness made about people that do this sort of thing to others. It surely can't be allowed to continue. Surely the people will up rise and exclaim NO - enough already."

the blog is connected with an artist who placed a dog in an art gallery.

The blog is mediated and a post that I thought was reasoned was not published. The above has been written in a deliberate 'rant' style in a deliberate attempt to get it published by the blog administrator. I believe that the blog is somewhat biased.

When reading the above entry, consider the American government, instead of artist.

What are your thoughts ?

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Colin said...

Is there a link to the other blog?