Friday, 11 January 2008

had to add this...

and it's not there now....

and I stop for lunch...

and I wonder, what bands do I know in Derby that might have videos on You Tube. So a quick search...

oh joy, a band I've never heard of, playing at a festival I've never heard of, in a setting than I'm so envious of...

have a look....


there was a thought that the accountants could be engaged with...

and then there is only one band to follow that...


not that I'm so looking for distraction

stay with the track until the drums kick in, decide then if you like it......

now I can do some accountants...

Thursday, 10 January 2008

my first oil painting


I've just done me first bit of mucking about with oils. I like english me, I right gr8 me.

I was bored, so picked up the pad and oils that I was given for a present. The friend that did give me the pad has had a text, highlighting the excitment. I know that the internet connection is bust right now, so for a while the excitment of seeing will be there. I want the image to be seen, I'm not indicating the sex of my firend coz I don't want to embarress her.

accounts, gas and darts

what an interesting day today.

accountants, a lovely chat with a lovely lady from British Gas and darts, from Lakeside.

Oh to come 2.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

something a bit more like it...

a 4 o clock distraction......4 today....

and so to accounts

it's that time of year, oh accounts, accounts.

The mature student thing sets up lots of situations where it feels like being pulled in two directions. My tax situation remains as it did before the course began. I'm simultaneously a student and a worker. Difficult sometimes to "get my head around that"

Like being of a physical age, yet experiencing mental conditions that mybe a teenager would go through. Again, at times, this being pulled causes much confusion. Maybe I'm realising more about myself and what happens to me that will, in turn allow for understanding and acceptance. Just in writing this, this feels like a huge step. Admitting all this, out loud, on a blog, as myself, when did that start. Oh, about 4 minutes ago, silly me.


In two days, on a school week, I would not watch much television, if any at all.

Good timing on my part this week. I've now seen four programmes in two days involving animals. Not pets, farm animals, legislation make them farm animals.

In two days, I've looked at animals and listened to various views.

The last of the four, "The Lie of the Land" channel four, broadcast completed a few moments ago, was the most blunt.

A lot to take in. Late now, so not the best time to think about it, I would like to get some sleep.

What I will leave, is this. With the information as broadcast, when will individuals realise that if they make the choice in themselves about something, that they will soon hear about others, who have made the choice themselves. If I was a revolutionary, I would be calling it their own intelligent revolution.

Maybe there will be more to follow on this...

closing thoughts. Death is part of life. Animals are farmed so people can eat. In twelve months time there may be no cattle roaming the fields of England.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008


I had to stand this afternoon.
on a corner,
resting my rubber(untried) on my legs.

I looked to the right,
more in anxious anticipation.
Leftward pure optimisim.

My hopes rested on something green,
or at least yellow.
The white vitor, hurray !

After discourse and smiles,
a parting contact.
more anticipation.

Quick, yellow hero approaches,
a smile.
honesty and resting discourse.

The rubber installed
round and round.
No corner standing, for a while.