Friday, 15 August 2008

and in other news

in order to keep the flow, there's another installment of the earlier thread...

as it's friday...

I was on you tube and some how I got from hitler to some dude jumping an astin martin car. Not sure how that happened .

oh look, just 4 years.....

getting thoughts into clearer space

the thread of thought about a political party in england has been interesting for me this week. Finally I see that responding in a manner that is as negative as the thing that the response is about doesn't help to show the negative ness ness of the initial thing.

and returning to an older thread.

here are a couple of additions to the thread of politcal party ness ness

getting back to "the art"

Emin has a retrospective in Edinburgh

a link to an interview with the block what lit the olympic games opening ceremony thing.

here's an interview with the lighting designer.

it does have some really boring anal statistics about the equipment.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

if I'm not a braodcaster...

I've spoken to the person who manages the "Big Screen" in Derby. We discussed various issues and things. One thing is the screen is 16 x 9, as I said "I'm not a broadcaster, so I still work in 4 x 3. If I'm not a broadcaster, then what am I ? Is there any room for what I am in that "broadcast world" ?

I can of course make my 4 x 3 work in a 16 x 9 environment. I have decided to make that for myself, otherwise, the screen people will "fill the screen". I do feel slightly bullied by what they want. Another situation where 'they' are the controlling beings.

feeling the need for comments

I've been spreading some comments today:

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Monday, 11 August 2008

in other endeavours

US Military Concludes No Saddam Link to Al Qaeda
ABC News
Tuesday 11 March 2008
ABC News' Jonathan Karl Reports: ABC News has obtained a comprehensive military study of Saddam Hussein's links to terrorism. The study, which is due to be released Wednesday, is based on the analysis of some 600,000 official Iraqi documents seized by US forces after the invasion. It is also based on thousands of hours of interrogations of former top officials in Saddam's government who are now in U.S. custody.
The headline: "This study found no 'smoking gun' (i.e., direct connection) between Saddam's Iraq and al Qaeda."