Thursday, 19 June 2008


the anti christ ?

is it Mabus as Nosty baby thought,


Oil ?

last entery for now...

this last clip is from around 2003.

and what about the UK ?

here are a few words from 2005

some 'mainstream media people' put their bit in about ANWR

click the ANWR 101 link if it doesn't immediately load in the player

"as long as we depend on oil, we'll depend on foreign governements for oil" some woman from the telly.

Swedish Guy has a theory...

some written words about peak oil

quite a boring radio piece about Alaska

from New Zealand - prices at the pumps...

peak oil, some "informed" debate

watch out for the second guy with hid gun ho 4 word blog entry.

ANWR is the northern part of Alaska

peak oil

it's a term I have only become aware of in the last few days. a google search brings this result

It would be interesting to hear an insiders perspective of the notion of 'peak oil.'


The essay is ready to hand in. I didn't think it was going to be possible for me to complete it. It feels very good.