Thursday, 24 January 2008

I've looked through some old video tapes

after the finding of the laser show on line thingy, I stopped for a cup of tea, as you do. While waiting for the kettle, I wandered through my video collection. Stuff from the early 1990's. Found some stuff from the Laser company, and the production company. The prod co was very much into the corporate meeting thing, at a point when the corporate meeting thing was still fresh enough for managers to care about what happened at them.

I've got copies of both company videos, I appear(briefly) in the prod co vid. Very scary. After the prod co video, to my surprise, was the video of the Magic Carpet ride from Norwich Panto in 1994. I'd forgotten about working with Christopher Biggins, not surprising really I guess.

I'm feeling happier that in the past I have done stuff that I've really enjoyed. Over time the creative thread had become more geeky programming /techy. I can see now that the creative thinking is at a different level to that of the entertainment, corporate stuff in the past. Ultimately I am exploring how far into this higher level I can go, I can fit, if you like.

Trusting what I can do is important, I know I can do a lot, its the inner monologue that is upsetting stuff, I have a professional appointment booked to attempt to start to disarm that.

and I wonder...

why did I leave that Laser Operating thing.

then I find a video on line that reminds me of why I left, a lack of creativity within the Laser World. The notion of listening and expressing seemingly lost on the boys with the toys, "lets just press all the buttons, it's a laser show, everyone will love it" was the attitude. Very few promoters got what I was into, those that did were a joy to work for and I always had a lovely time with them all.

Have a look at the video. Do they give it all away too soon, do they translate aural into sight, is the voice over and storey just the naffest thing you've heard for a while.

oh wonderful, found one of my favourite tracks to work with

Joey Beltram, Energy Flash...

I'd spent hours, operating to this sort of sound

this lot regualarly turned up at events wot I was working at

a bit of what I did before.

I used to work at stuff like this.

and do I know what my narrative is

I found a blog for Manchester Photography this afternoon, very random comment I know.

Aware that I muck about, making images and sounds, not real dialogue or narrative, it just comes from me at the time that they come from me.

I'll keep doing my thing, having fun, playing, mucking about.

Why does it all have to be so serious.

and in balance

so beautiful, sets me thinking about rhythm, tempo, feeling, taking a back beat to it. There is a version with a back beat of course.

and this is purely indulgent on my part...

been playing...

I've been playing. Had to. Attempted to access high end equipment.
Just attempting to get inducted.
Money and low level politics of the unaware and unable,
getting in the way.
Back and forth,
round and round.


Had to work through how I felt, been playing to get it onto the blog.
Feeling happy at achievement.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

maybe I've found something...

subverting the corporate glossy, constructed perfect world.

Showing it in another way.

so horrible

just when I thought I'd got away, this came along and went LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME.

a bit of Turner research and referencing

Abts, the winner of the Turner has a 'standard size' here's some info.

playing, as it's a Wednesday

just for fun.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Picture this exhibition

I've found out when Picture This is on at the Baltic, via the Baltic Website.

been playing

I've been playing, made this

backing up to move forward

to focus and move forward, loads more backing up is needed. Feels good to draw a line under last semester and take forward the bits I want to be with me.

stamp prices are going up in April

found this information on the Post Office website.

original source of the news was EBAY.

Monday, 21 January 2008

the realisation commences again

it's about individual voice.

the course.

of course, one's own voice.

not any body elses.

I've not had that before, that's why it's so dam hard. Suddenly, my opinion counts for something, even though those marking have to by definition put down, in a manner that was "normal" . I see now that "normal" does not have to be a shitty existence.

I am getting to be able to affirm myself that I can do that, that I want to.


another tidy set of photographs

tidy photographs, lead to blog and tea, sweet. : )

a tidy set of photographs

photographs to tidy to.

start of new semester

time to tidy up and get ready to have more of a laugh this semester.

Pictures on the way of my dedicated tidy up session, oh boy, that was something.

Still chuckling from the grade of the last big module, what is it that one has to do, moving goal posts spring to mind and 'i still don't want to be a clone'

Sunday, 20 January 2008

totally copied words from somewhere

I found this comment.....

...if you didn't enjoy producing the work, and don't really value it, why would you expect others to....?"

the 'enjoying producing the work' is something that I've realised is totally relevant to myself and totally ties in with my notion of playing. For me playing means I'm happy and enjoying what I'm doing...

time for more play...

response to picture this-channel 4

I've had to leave the washing up to write this stuff down,it was binging around my head too much.


Liz won !

there's loads on the web about picture this....found this blog and website
the website seems to be a coincidental thing or is it.

the programme got me emotional, the first graduate verses the reformed alcoholic. Beautifully production company constructed, placing the real world verses the academic world. The technically competent verses the "just doing it mate".

What did all that give us ? Well for me it gave me the importance of narrative over technical stuff. It gave me honesty over construct. It gave me the graduate reading in stuff to her pictures that just wasn't there, very undergraduate. It gave me the power of therapeutic work. It gave me the judge talking of the winner, can she sustain work after the raw honest subject has been done with. We saw the other person speaking of her artist in residence some where in America.

All of it within a construct. A construct designed to entertain. Is it a case of yet again production construct based on conflict.