Thursday, 24 January 2008

and I wonder...

why did I leave that Laser Operating thing.

then I find a video on line that reminds me of why I left, a lack of creativity within the Laser World. The notion of listening and expressing seemingly lost on the boys with the toys, "lets just press all the buttons, it's a laser show, everyone will love it" was the attitude. Very few promoters got what I was into, those that did were a joy to work for and I always had a lovely time with them all.

Have a look at the video. Do they give it all away too soon, do they translate aural into sight, is the voice over and storey just the naffest thing you've heard for a while.

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QWT said...

And I also wonder, that all that e'd up love stuff would've been disingenuous, you would have seen through that. How can your creativity have been given any chance to grow when all that is wanted is the same standard crap each rave? They didn't want creativity, they just needed to know which buttons to press when the operators could suss that people had been there for a while and were just coming up.