Thursday, 7 August 2008

Brief Excerpt from the Late Alexander Solzhenitsyn's "Warning to the West"‏

"We are approaching a major turning point in world history, in the history of civilization. It's the sort of turning point where the hierarchy of values which we have venerated, and we use to determine what is important to us and what caused our hearts to beat is starting to rock and may collapse. These two crises, the political crisis of today's world and the oncoming spiritual crisis, are occuring at the same time. Your leaders will need profound intuition, spiritual foresight, high qualities of mind and soul. May God grant that in those times you will have at the helm personalities as great as those who created your country."

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

SPECIAL - privelidged sneak preview of the opening ceremnoy song for the 2008 Olympics

2008 Olympic news-for cats

empathy - some interesting and important research

some other things from the United States of America

here are some highlights from a recent received email

WASHINGTON — After four years of painstaking scientific research, the F.B.I. by 2005 had traced the anthrax in the poisoned letters of 2001 to a single flask of the bacteria at the Army biodefense laboratory at Fort Detrick, Md., according to government scientists and bureau officials.

About 18 months ago, investigators appeared to sharpen their focus on Bruce E. Ivins, a veteran anthrax researcher, whom they placed under intensive surveillance as they examined every aspect of his life and work.
Since Dr. Ivins’s suicide last week, F.B.I. officials have said prosecutors were preparing to indict him for sending the anthrax letters, which killed five people, although charges appear to have been a few weeks away.
Dr. Ivins had been a respected microbiologist for three decades at the United States Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick. He was a popular neighbor in Frederick, Md., a Red Cross volunteer and an amateur juggler who played keyboards at his church.

these were taken from :

August 5, 2008

Pressure Grows for F.B.I.’s Anthrax Evidence

the ongoing WLTM project

the "would like to meet" project is progressing. It's an experiment in curation, at least alternative ways of selecting work, not based on 'being a friend of the curator' or some such notion.

The process involves being matched to other participants, my results are here

My application was very much in the dating agency style. Including an old picture and frank and uninteresting stuff about me.

With recent thooughts about an older piece of work, and a television failing, if selected, the work shown will probably not be that which was submitted. As the wltm process isn't about the work, what work I show will be down to my descision nearer the date.

I wait with interest the final results and news of selection or not.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

hind sight is a wonderful thing.

they do say that.

maybe coincidence is also a factor with such things. If you were at a race meeting and saw two magpies, would you get the motor race stopped.

It's the olympics soon. Some random bloke in America has been saying some stuff. Obviously it's a construct and he likes to hear his own voice so nothing will happen. Just in case he's not quite as mad as he seems...

I have recieved this...

Webster Tarpley is doing his Saturday show "World Crisis Radio" this weekend as an all out warning and call to action against a possible U.S. Covert Op to shame the Chinese with a terrorist attack at the games. He is talking about how he is concerned they will be using a rebel group as a patsy. Tarpley is warning that this will the biggest mistake the current U.S. shadow government forces (Zbigniew Brzezinski) could make to anger China.

You can use GCN Network to listen with World Crisis Radio On Demand

Here is the article Tarpley is talking about on his show:

Terrorists to target Olympic Games, China says

Tarpley says U.S. and British Intelligence maybe behind this attack.