Tuesday, 5 August 2008

hind sight is a wonderful thing.

they do say that.

maybe coincidence is also a factor with such things. If you were at a race meeting and saw two magpies, would you get the motor race stopped.

It's the olympics soon. Some random bloke in America has been saying some stuff. Obviously it's a construct and he likes to hear his own voice so nothing will happen. Just in case he's not quite as mad as he seems...

I have recieved this...

Webster Tarpley is doing his Saturday show "World Crisis Radio" this weekend as an all out warning and call to action against a possible U.S. Covert Op to shame the Chinese with a terrorist attack at the games. He is talking about how he is concerned they will be using a rebel group as a patsy. Tarpley is warning that this will the biggest mistake the current U.S. shadow government forces (Zbigniew Brzezinski) could make to anger China.

You can use GCN Network to listen with World Crisis Radio On Demand

Here is the article Tarpley is talking about on his show:

Terrorists to target Olympic Games, China says

Tarpley says U.S. and British Intelligence maybe behind this attack.

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wnedywoo said...

At present, with the stuff I am researching, nothing is impossible.
When are we going to wake up?
The world is turning into a horrible place to be, and people are generally ostriching.