Saturday, 19 January 2008

a toone

been working on a toone. Not listened to it for a couple of days. Listened to it, a few moments ago, sounded fresh, pleasing...

Thursday, 17 January 2008

a national vibe

have you noticed the increasing amount of media based time occupation that indicates a state of what the uK is like right now ?

it's late so I'm not going to open that thought up too much right now.

All I'll add is that maybe the uK needs a revolution. A revolution that does not fit the normal model of revolution. It needs an Intelligent Revolution. I don't like the feeling of this post, it falls right into the old model of revolution, so bare with me, I'll give it some more thought.

another little lifter, hopefully this one will work better

need a lifter

found a little something to keep me going

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

when it goes sour

I spend time on the Internet, researching and finding out stuff. there is purpose to it. Occasionally, I find a little storey that amuses.

(some readers might find it upsetting, if you are of a disposition that TV is all real, then please look away now. Readers with children should definitely not read it, as it involves "The Night Garden")

Have a little muse with me at this little storey...

Monday, 14 January 2008

accounts ready to be shipped

yes, the big push has put my printer under some strain. Interesting, almost carthartic process this year. Starting to believe.

While printing, had this little lot to accompany...

english humour

are there clever people out there, in the real world, that listen and make fun of our behaviour. Are there people that simply talk at us, making their point without listening to the listener. Are there producers that add certain noises to convince us of the integrity of the humour that we watch and listen to and ultimately become the listener of somthing coming at us.

What is english humour.

somrthing to make my point. Thank you for listening.

do I stop using the internet ?

Do I stop using the internet. Do I like that most of the english speaking internet seems to america centric. What did I read about Facebook today. Where does you tube go to. myspace etc. Where can I see images and videos of stuff happening in the uK. Why did I look at american tow trucks at lunch time, where did the m25 traffic jam videos go.

Am I at a point of needing to be able to search the uK version of you tube.

sometimes when you do a search

you might turn up a short that strikes chords and maybe notes. I've found this short. Hits a chord with me, with the piece of work made in November I entitled "Snee Snaw." I'll not describe the Snee Snaw here, instead, simply pasting in the embedded link and wondering about the person wot did make it.

turning to other news.

a smile after washing up, I feel, is a good way to start the evening.

Somewhat randomly and very from the other side of the pond(that I'm usually quite rejectful of) a little blast of soemthing...that will not play. agh...


and relax

as I'm on a visual based course

there's intersting news about the government and their wonderful concern for their citizens.

Maybe a good year to be thinking about making books...

return to something

remembered this band. From Belgium I think, or somewhere mainland European. They are so close yet so far(in my opinion ) from something more, can't quite put my finger on what that is. I feel they have allowed themselves to be over produced, over constructed. Have a look, what do you think ?

and...there's a special birthday this year

the smurfs will be Fifty.

and if you have time...

have a look for ask a gay man AAGM on you tube. Certainly the

Eco-Chic Green Edition

is worth a look.

Go Girl, he so makes so much sense, you known wot I'm saying, it's fabulous.

Darling !

adding balance

slowing down, and considering...

and too mark the occasion...

as a mark of the moment, for lovers of deep and meaningful lyrics, sung by women in dance music video visual interest splendur...

a little something to amuse....

almost 5pm, 14th Jan 2008

not a particularly a time or date of much note, yet it is. I'm blogging about the unspecialist nature of this time and date.

I am of course being self contradictatory. The accounts are almost "in the bag" .

I'm feeling pleased at this. Particularly as the period in question is the end of the deconstruction of the model that it was, into the beginning of the degree, the change of programme, the settling down, the meeting of and continuation of something very unexpected and personal.

The downward trend appears to be flattening out, certainly retrospectively. Looking forward into 2008, there is much optimism, year on year, improvement,excitement and that lovely edgeyness to the tummy.

there's funding in the air at the moment....

tomorrow will be an interesting day for some people, not so for others, what's it all about......

this is old, yet topical....

some the accounts are nearly finished...

yet still need a little distraction of things....

a little something from Liverpool

no embedding available, one has to respect ones wishes.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

it's 2008 !

Liverpool is European capital of culture for the year. (and I really like this font)


so I watch Louis Theroux, turn over and there's a programme about a mum and her daughter with some dutch therapist woman.

Have you noticed how the teley production people are making entertainment programmes about people. Are they making these for their benefit or ours...

if there were a fledgling intelligent revolution taking place, would telly vision output be used to illustrate certain points ?

picture this...

Have watched "picture this" on channel 4 this evening, while keeping an eye on the World Dart Final.

Interesting how the youngest graduate and the person most in recovery got through to the last four. I know that the prize is an exhibition at the Baltic.

The two lads, one from Derby University, who I've spoken to, had to leave. I can understand why the judges made their descisions.

What I'm left with is the sense of fun and passion. being in a place where doing is fun and being confident as it is fun.

Something to try and take with me into the next bit of this fine art degree thingy.