Monday, 11 February 2008

and for something completely different


hanging shoes - what's it called ?

Before tea could be started, a great revalation, the hanging shoe thing has a name

funny how paths of thoughts, all separate, have tendancy to: at times

exist within the same frame.

another article on shoes

hanging shoes-what's the vibe...

after adding my 'hanging shoes' picture, the "I wonder why" got the better of me.

So far I've found this by a very sound sounding bloke, (it's all in the name of course)


at home with John and Debbie

then there is this site for all things rumoured.

another site


I quite like this answer.

once the research becomes slightly diluted and leads to this kind of thing, I do feel that it's time for a cup of coffee and consideration of what to have for tea.

images from a recent walk

the hanging shoes, this photo was inspired by the place, space and identity project in Stoke.