Friday, 12 September 2008

the walk home

I've walked back from the library.

On the way back, I had a pen thrown at me and a little later some boy leans out of a passing car and shouts an inoperable word at me. I don't understand why. I did take a picture of the pen with accompanying pavement and surroundings.

John Cooper Clark has a poem that might well help in this situation.

if something is known...

if something is known about, and is risky, it's a known risk.
That's a basis of health and safety.

If something is known about, and could be improved upon
would we all collectively want it to be improved upon.

If someone states something we don't like,
what's the reaction.

here's another offering from Cooper Clark

picking up

I've realised I'm kind of picking up where I left off.

What do I mean ?

I saw Atilla and John Cooper at a small festival in essex, there were of a lot of acts on that weekend, and it's because of those two that i remember what the weekend was. At a festival this summer, atilla was performing and having seen him again, I remember JCC. His almost dylan esque appearance and accent defining. I spoke of jim last nite in the pub, with a bloke what i now talk to when we are both in the pub. Seeing and hearing him again has been a link, a positive happy link back to those earlier times. At those earlier times, I maybe wasn't able to follow up seeing those guys and I'd not been at the festival with friends, so there was not that festival follow up thing.

Finding jcc playing nearby and atila too, I've made a connection with those past times and now, as I say, kind of picking up where I left off, although at the time I was unaware of that.

Interesting times.

and the daily express doesn't

the pies have it

well i never...

he's coming to a theatre near you

tickets are available to purchase

i can listen to this

catching up with an old friend

Thursday, 11 September 2008

research about climate change

direct action makes front page news. Yes this was front page of the independent today.

this about energy

there's way to many words in it so I've posted this purely for my own reference, I've not read it yet

from an unknown sauce

Democracy Now!
Date: Wednesday, September 10, 2008,

Congressman Jim McDermott Backs Bush Impeachment

On Capitol Hill, Congress member Jim McDermott of Washington has become the latest lawmaker to sign onto a measure to impeach President Bush. McDermott announced his support on Tuesday from the House floor.
Rep. Jim McDermott: “I was attacked for saying the President would mislead us into the war, but the American people ultimately learned the truth. There seems to be no end to the allegations, and we have a responsibility to investigate their authenticity. That’s why I’m signing onto a resolution to consider impeachment of the President. Without accountability, a democracy will fail.”
McDermott is the tenth House member to support the measure, which is co-authored by Congress member Dennis Kucinich of Ohio.

it came from here

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


today has to be a bout this group...