Thursday, 11 September 2008

research about climate change

direct action makes front page news. Yes this was front page of the independent today.


Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

I've been brave and added a comment to the comments list. I'm "androo" on the listing

Chris Gray said...

I'm just feel that my thoughts about direct action and how sometimes its needed, seem to have been confirmed by a judge, there are some very narrow minded comments on the listing, why aren't we all being subsidised to get solar panels on our houses, or new houses being built with solar panels? I do think its short sighted to build a coal fueled power plant, because eventually, like the oil, it will run out too, and then it will become another imported commodity. phew, rant over...

Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

I agree.
I feel that the revolution here is to do with direct action to show what can be done to make a house near self sufficient for energy requirements. Clearly the narrow minded views indicate very difficult minds to communicate with, the direct action plays into the narrow minded ness and I feel has a counter productive result in terms of trying to raise awareness.
Getting the ball, so to speak, rolling on the awkward nature of the potential of fossil fuel running out is clearly where the argument is right now. Clearly those businesses that would suffer from hydrogen and solar enrgy becomming more widely used are those that could discredit their usage.
it's messy and somehow needs something simply to get a slower debate running to promote long term objectives that maybe 2 generations on from now will benefit from. There seems to be little value in being part of that forward looking, again, the value would need to be found in order for the long view to be acceptable.
There are enough people attempting to add value, in time, their value will be recognised.