Saturday, 12 July 2008

for awareness, here's a link for a 9/11 site

I post this here for "reference"

Tower 7 WTC

recently the BBC aired their conspiracy theory programme series including the collapse of tower 7 at the world trade centre. here is an audio piece from some american gentlemen after they saw the programme. The audio quality is a little poppy so don't listen to it loudly. It's a little under 18 minutes long

Monday, 7 July 2008

with a little patience and an email

after lengthy testing, I knew something with was not correct. The domain admin company were contacted and very quickly everything was working again.

I'm so pleased that I transfered to a company that are quick and effiecient at sorting stuff out.


today has seen the swopping of my braodband provider and also the company that has the domain "on it's books"

it means that at home I had an internet "outage" for sometime, plugged in the new broadband provider box and it worked. The email address have had some interuption to service, the forwarding has been reapplied and in time will return. There may be some returned mails for the rest of today.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

and social compliance


I quite like...

another programme on the BBC called The Real Hustle. They show some interesting situations, using distraction

not much on telly.

after watching the BBC 2 programme about WTC 7, there wasn't much else on. I wanted to find some infomoration on the Hydrogen powered boat, that has a connection with Birmingham University, couldn't.

Amused myself with some stuff of you tube.