Wednesday, 30 January 2008

day of two halves

yes, today was a day in two halves, needing extra time to balance out the second half. The morning was fun. I've been playing with photograms, b/w and colour. Below is the test strip of the colour.

After lunch was what I had hoped to be a very interesting talk by our very own PhD student. Instead it was an exhibition review and work made in after effects. It was billed as painting into video or something like that. He spoke about technique, process and nothing about what "he was thinking about" other than after effects takes time to master and it has a "3D workspace". Afterwards I was in the state of mind to leave, that disillusioned again.

With food purchased and videos from the library, the day ends on a reasonable note. I am of course more than capable of going to the pub, just for good measure.

Monday, 28 January 2008

oh how two worlds see the same thing

try this

have a moment to ponder...

then try this

if the singer with angel wings is taken, i'm now sorted

remind me to listen to the words of this one

scouting documentarty

these boys had a whole jamboree to document, they found this to put on youtube, there's hope for film and video yet.

did you spot the bus in the back ground, there;s sum sorted scouts these days.

a generation able to express themselves

have their mums scene this....

you know what, I'll never ever know...

got to 2min 12 with this one

it's ok

i just had to look, couldn't help it

my day was complete- so i thought

only a few more clicks and I find this wonderful honest, emotionally charged video offering. I so hadn't got it that the game is to get banned so you can post a video about that. phew, at last the rules have been you tubbed edd ness for my reference.

my day is complete

found this, men are such creeps. oh but i'm missing the point.

a time for friends

Sunday, 27 January 2008

to see some stuff, by an american bloke

it was an installation, this is a very small, selection

went somewhere northerly

can you guess where it is yet

been playing again this weekend.

had a little time away from home. Been playing. Here's a first draft, in view of the draft proposal, yes obviously distracting myself and about to go to the extended weekend research facility to tap into brewing ideas and note down the outcomes.

how to make a revolution work in uK

it's easy, follow the guide lines in this ere video.