Friday, 8 February 2008


second year exhibition

obviously the other night I was quite barking.

There were a few of us in the studio today. We did have a little group discussion. Interestingly, there were several quite contradictatory views, which did give rise to a lovely varied discussion. There was a suggestion about a celebrity opening, a suggestion about entertainment, several ideas about cataloging the work.

The notion of this show being a fun try out for the third year did come up two. Next year it will be all very serious, so why not have some fun and enjoy this one coz next year......

No actually that'sw wrong isn't it. This is dealy serious. Art is deadly serious. I'm wrong. We have to take this sooooooooo seriously. Make a really serious looking catalogue, be serious about the way we publisice it, learn to spell, still. OK. My angle is, it's very serious, we have to be very serious, our brows really need to become furrowed like they've never been furrowed before.

Herbal tea now to bring down the blodd pressure.....

Monday, 4 February 2008

viewings of photographily images

I've been viewing some photographs lately.
They are on show on the web.

I look at the colour,
the person, the background.

All the same, the composition.
Do you ever get bored, doing the same shot.

Again and again,
and again and again.

making a cup of tea

I'm going to make something today.

Yes, indeed. Enough head scratching and irritable thought processing.

I'm going to make, a cup of tea.