Sunday, 20 January 2008

response to picture this-channel 4

I've had to leave the washing up to write this stuff down,it was binging around my head too much.


Liz won !

there's loads on the web about picture this....found this blog and website
the website seems to be a coincidental thing or is it.

the programme got me emotional, the first graduate verses the reformed alcoholic. Beautifully production company constructed, placing the real world verses the academic world. The technically competent verses the "just doing it mate".

What did all that give us ? Well for me it gave me the importance of narrative over technical stuff. It gave me honesty over construct. It gave me the graduate reading in stuff to her pictures that just wasn't there, very undergraduate. It gave me the power of therapeutic work. It gave me the judge talking of the winner, can she sustain work after the raw honest subject has been done with. We saw the other person speaking of her artist in residence some where in America.

All of it within a construct. A construct designed to entertain. Is it a case of yet again production construct based on conflict.

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