Thursday, 24 January 2008

I've looked through some old video tapes

after the finding of the laser show on line thingy, I stopped for a cup of tea, as you do. While waiting for the kettle, I wandered through my video collection. Stuff from the early 1990's. Found some stuff from the Laser company, and the production company. The prod co was very much into the corporate meeting thing, at a point when the corporate meeting thing was still fresh enough for managers to care about what happened at them.

I've got copies of both company videos, I appear(briefly) in the prod co vid. Very scary. After the prod co video, to my surprise, was the video of the Magic Carpet ride from Norwich Panto in 1994. I'd forgotten about working with Christopher Biggins, not surprising really I guess.

I'm feeling happier that in the past I have done stuff that I've really enjoyed. Over time the creative thread had become more geeky programming /techy. I can see now that the creative thinking is at a different level to that of the entertainment, corporate stuff in the past. Ultimately I am exploring how far into this higher level I can go, I can fit, if you like.

Trusting what I can do is important, I know I can do a lot, its the inner monologue that is upsetting stuff, I have a professional appointment booked to attempt to start to disarm that.

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QWT said...

Harness your geek and fly your freak flag. Cos the inner freak is far more interesting than any external false front that may be put up on dealing with shit.

Wanted to watch your youtube stuff, but my puter is being rubbish so won't play. Oh to know someone with a mac so that i can look at it properly...