Friday, 15 August 2008

getting back to "the art"

Emin has a retrospective in Edinburgh

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Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

the article leads:
"Controversial artist Tracey Emin has admitted she is "scared" that an exhibition looking back at 20 years of her work will be criticised."

It's quite lovely to think that even she is still scared. A little naive maybe.

One of the main reasons for work to exist is so that it can be critisied. If the work comes from a personal background then critism will be hard. Would it be any harder than going through the stuff that the work is then based on ?

If one was to publish an idealogy, it would have to be critised as that what we as human animals do when we encounter something for the first time. For that reason, publishing an idealogy would best be done after sitting with the idealogy long enough to be fully acquianted with it, so when questions are asked, the answers come naturally and peacefully.