Tuesday, 8 January 2008


I had to stand this afternoon.
on a corner,
resting my rubber(untried) on my legs.

I looked to the right,
more in anxious anticipation.
Leftward pure optimisim.

My hopes rested on something green,
or at least yellow.
The white vitor, hurray !

After discourse and smiles,
a parting contact.
more anticipation.

Quick, yellow hero approaches,
a smile.
honesty and resting discourse.

The rubber installed
round and round.
No corner standing, for a while.


Miranda's Art said...

To Andrew Martyn Sugars:

Lets over analyze this. You say the bullet belt is putting them in the firing line. I agree but it's more like they are being constraint, almost forced.

The bullet constraint can represent the complex forces that drive the Mexican-American immigration. For example, like economics, in search for a better, and Coca cola.

Each bullet/person willing to sacrifice anything for nothing.

Miranda's Art said...

By the way I like your poem.

Good Job.