Thursday, 3 January 2008

dawning awareness

the lead singer of a band, has said that he recognises depression as a way of protecting himself.

I've recently heard this said.

A time before Christmas last year, was a time of depressional tendancy. I have a little more understanding of why the route to a possible period of depression had begun in me.

Being away from the source of that depressional tendancy, has allowed for recovery.


Queen White Trash said...

Will you have to return to the place that is the source of your depression, have you thought about how you are going to stop that return to the protective prison that we build for ourselves?

Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

Will I have to return to the place that is the source...

that is a difficult question.

I don't know if it is just one place that the depression comes from. Actually, it is one place that it comes from-me. My concious self at conflict with the sub concious - maybe.

In my deep sub concious, I know that there is a inherent "you are no good" I'm not going into details.

Maybe, at times where the surface gets ruffled, the bolt to a safe place to protect, results in even more unsettlement. Therefore, it is my surroundings upsetting me that triggers my own tendancy.

Therefore, keeping my environment happy and positive, keeps me in happy, positive mood.