Sunday, 27 July 2008

working towards feeling like an artist

I'm included in a curation experiment

I struggle with the word "artist". In the past I've worked with artists and I'm nothing like them and I struggle with people using the word "artist" when clearly they are an artisan.

I hope that the more I see my name within several words of "artist" that the feeling comes to me. In the meantime, I'll do my own thing, make what I want to make, understanding that in no way does it fit with "mainstream" culture and not really knowing where within the "underground" I am. I will not add that this scenario at times is lonely, coz that would just be silly.


wnedywoo said...

why do you constantly need to define yourself?
what is important here?

Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

defining is a crucial part of 'networking' in the 'creative environment' that I find myself in.
I was at a 'networking event' on Friday last week, the defining of each was done after the name. I find this a problem as I can define myself in the that moment, yet in the next moment I may want to define myself another way.
It's all too compressive and narrow for my liking.
what is important?

being oneself I guess.

wnedywoo said...

You know full well that you are not everyones cup of tea, and compression and narrowness do not sit well with you.
You just have to accept the fact that " the art world " is no different to the corporate, whether you like it or not.
Just be you, I think you are smashing,
if a bit difficult sometimes, but with you people are just gonna have to accept that what they see is what they are gonna get. If they cant deal with it.... their loss!

Colin said...

i have to agree with wnedywoo on this one.