Tuesday, 1 July 2008

the flip side of Lisbon Treaty could be...

a set of programmes looking at the truth that so many of us live with. It's not quite this bad for me yet, the beginnings are there.

awareness brings on thought.


wnedywoo said...

what do you think will stop this?
National service
Short sharp shock treatment
Immediate imprisonment
Cant see a way out of it at present , while it still seems the way to go with kids specially in London and big cities
Sam and Jake encounter it all the time

Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

what do I think ?

I think that this is sign of a fire that has been smouldering for some time.

I believe there is no quick way to fix it.

Acknowledging the fire is there is a start. I wonder if at the moment there is a little bit of trying to find out how the fire got started and why it's not been noticed before. Once that stage has been worked through, there are opportunities to gently putting it out.

Place by place the remedy will be slightly different.

There has been one comment in popular mass media about how family has been replaced by the notion of gang. That person might be just saying what a lot of people have known and lived with for sometime.

With the mass media involved, perspective can be distorted, until another new thing comes along for them to be interested in. I remember the guy from oxfam having a blast at the reporter from one news channel, stating that the reporter was only interested in his plight of helping victims of a big wave, for the short duration of interest for the storey and when he really needed help the media would not be there for him.

However it's looked at, it can't be very good for quality of life for those that experience it on a daily basis.

wnedywoo said...

How right you are.
Maybe with 3 killngs over 3 days , as well as the 2 students stabbed so many times, possibly for their pin numbers, it seems that there is a complete lack of humanity.
I still think there is reason to the argument to legalise drugs thus making them cheap, like cigarettes. Since all these gangs seeem to be drug related it would take the wind out of their sails. Also eye for an eye might work. You stab someone to death we stab you to death.Drastic I know but hey,try it. I think there is no point in wondering why and hand wringing. Its too late for that!