Wednesday, 3 September 2008

and in other news-9/11 passengers

9/11 Misinformation: Flight 'Passenger Lists' Show 'No Hijacker Names'

By Arabesque
August 31, 2008

The assertion that 9/11 passengers lists “contained no Arab names” is frequently seen in the 9/11 truth movement.[1] For example, this article by Enver Masud is headlined, “Why are there no Arab names on the passenger list for the planes used in the September 11, 2001 attack…?”[2] The 9/11 website 9/11 Hard Facts claims, “[On] officially released passenger lists provided by the airlines to the media, no Arab names appear on any of the four passenger lists.”[3] In David Ray Griffin’s 9/11: The Myth and the Reality, he repeats the claim that, “[Their] names should be on the flight manifests. But the flight manifests that have been released contain neither the names of the alleged hijackers nor any other Arab names.”[4] John Leonard, Webster Tarpley and Kevin Barrett’s publisher, repeats the claim that “Scholars [for 9/11 Truth]… report things like ‘there were no Arabs on the passenger lists’”[5] As well, Michael C. Ruppert, citing Gary North wrote, “Another easy and non-debatable hole is with the passenger lists and the hijackers. Gary North, Ph.D. - a history professor… relied on lists published by CNN… Official reports state that there were only 19 hijackers. Second, none of listed passenger names are Arabic, Muslim… The government needs to provide an explanation for this glaring discrepancy.”[6]


Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

this storey does get a circular thread of thought going.

Seemingly it fuels a paranoia about truth.

Hopefully in time, other cross referencing inforamtion is available and then it's possible to relax and go to the bar of a beer.

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if you havent finished looking at it yet,please watch the link i sent that you got half way through

Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

ok, I'll watch it when I need something for this time, and of this time.

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its relevant!

wnedywoo said...

Also , is the drawing meant to represent a round hole and a square peg?

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