Wednesday, 30 April 2008

keeping a loose eye on the 2012 games...

I do like to keep an eye on what's happening. At four years out all this stuff will happen under the radar I guess. Found this recent Beeb report, I was looking for news of a building going the other way...

Big events take time and experience to put on. The government took on the Millennium Dome in late 90's as a company taking on a sales conference for the first time and without really listening to those with experience. Are the 2012 games heading towards an embracing fiasco or the magnificent thing that the marketeers told us it would be like so all we have to do is trust their word and everything will be lovely.

Remember that the media centre was originally placed near the centre of the village. In the shake up of plans a year after the bid was won, the media centre was moved to the outskirts of the village so that the space left could be used for corporate hospitality suites.


wnedywoo said...

lets have a bet about
1 ) how many billions out the final cost will be and
2 ) whose heads will roll because of it ( easy one that - I reckon none )and
3 )how many of the new facilities that will bring much needed thingys to the local people will still be open 2 or 3 years later
or am I being cynical

Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

there's a 60% contingency according to the report. It's been set up so that no one will be "on the block"

I can't remember how many millions of pounds was spent by the audit commision in 1998 to assess how much plastics was about to be used in the Dome project.

My concern is that the need for "the best games ever" is sending rational thought out of the window and introducing cloud cuckoo land thinking about delivering the things needed to make the games work.

Bottom line is that for two weeks in 4 weeks time, there's going to be a sporting event in this country. there will be more media people than athletes and a year ago 40,000 people lived in a park for two weeks.

Perspective and marketing hype seem to be lost or unreasonable. Maybe we can get all the marketeers to live in a small room so we can all abuse them.

Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

and that should read (4th para)

Bottom line is that for two weeks in 4 years time, there's going to be a sporting event in this country.

wnedywoo said...

should " best games ever " not be defined by us winning lots of gold medals .
however that might mean spending money now on encouraging / nuturing / training young sportspeople to be winners in 4 years time . doesn't seem to be a priority does it
abusing marketeers wont work cos they wont realise they are being abused . they must be thick skinned to be a marketeer anyway

Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

I agree with your best games ever model. Medals is kind of what it's ultimatley about. That is kind of being overlooked at the moment, or at least maybe not getting the profile, which there again might be a chicken and egg senario.

If it were Spain, would we be more concerned about having enough wine, beer and food to eat drink and be merry with while with friends watching our fellow countrymen having a dam good go for us.

wnedywoo said...

from what I have been reading , swimming , which we arent too bad at , has virtually no proper facility in this country . apparently one of our high hopes for 2012 has an 80 mile drive to reach a swimming pool with the correct lanes , for practice and can get no funding to help out with travel costs . shows how much we care!
we dont need to be in spain to eat drink and be merry while watching surely