Tuesday, 11 December 2007

tuesday 11th December 2007

thoughtful now.

this is so now about me and my reaction to a situation.

The first piece made was fun, enjoyed doing it. Since then been in denial about that medium. Got myself as far as possible away from that. Result-unhappy.

play = happy

doing something because it appears to need to be done like that = unhappy

misunderstanding the process = unhappy

realising something = unsettled

Do I want to be unhappy - no

Do I want to be happy - yes

the only difference in the initial statement is un

the difference after the - is very different - expressed as a maths thing....

am i in possession of un

Streuth I'm in a room with children "one more, one more" Good to know that there are third year fine art students more into online gaming than making their work. Unless their work is about the online gaming. Are they that clever ?

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