Wednesday, 12 December 2007

realisation through sadness

it takes deep sadness to realise what something means or affects.
To struggle at something is to be expected.
To succeed at something is success, a joy, a high, an up.
How is it that during the process of attempting to succeed that the news of others success in the same struggle is such a draw back, a pull down a saddener.

Eventually the sadness will lead to discourse. The discourse bringing about a reality of careful sharing of news. Unless the the struggle is explored, how else can the discourse take place. To explore means sadness. Sadness is inevitable. Living in sadness is not inevitable as sadness is transitory. Transience of sadness lies within the person of sadness. Accepting that sadness is transitory, being the key to unlocking sadness and making it a transient state.

A result of transitory sadness is happiness. Simply because happiness is an antonym.

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