Wednesday, 12 December 2007

any room for honesty ?

I went for a job interview last week. I was honest and open about the skills I had relevant to the position on offer. The two interviewing me were surprised and thanked me for my honesty. If I am successful, I should here by the end of this week.

I reflect about my interview. If I sat there and lied about what I could do, I would have stood a better chance of getting the job and in turn influence the people I would have been helping in the job. They did make it clear to me that because I was honest about what I could do, I was actually unsuitable. It's somewhat sad that the honesty shown was less important that what I send I could do. If I abstract to a wider field of people and stand back, is it any wonder that we now have a society where fairly ineffectual people are in very controlling positions.

I have to now go and do something completley different, if I continue with this study and exposure to people that I do not have the words for, I will start to question why i am alive. At that point, well I'm too scared to think about that. Like I say, I'm off to do something else.

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