Monday, 10 December 2007

Monday 10th December-disillusions

Monday the 10th December. Another day in december in a year known as 2007.

Not sure how many people I spoke to, yet the day has left me drained and feeling very low. Doubts in my mind about what I'm doing.

It would appear that if one does stuff that one is really into, the talking about it and being with it is very easy. If one has been nurtured into the world in a way that doing just what you want to do has always been encouraged, then doing what you want to do is very easy. If the nurturing was dismisive and negative, the doing what you want to do is full of self talk doubts.

Ergo, the making of objects just because you can sits well with those that have always been encouraged and supported in activities undertaken. For those that have had to constantly justify themselves the freedom to suddenly do, presents as many problems as opportunities.

Hence the nature of art as elitist, perhaps. A view from a low point of view would make the art presence fell above. Realistically, anybody can make something, just because they want to. Who has the right to question anybody over why they did and oh it's so poor isn't it. That is of course the right of the viewer, to the observed. Those in negative nurture will be affected by the over questioning, as it will trigger the historical negative nurture feelings. As in the human right act, that everybody has the right to family, why doesn't everybody have the right to make art. Where art is simply something made because you can.

Those in negative nurture will need some positive nurture to even things up. Those beginning in positive nurture will benefit greatly from the extra positive nurture. The really beautiful people will be able to use the extra positive nurture to help those in catch up nurture position.

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