Sunday, 16 December 2007

after time with friends

after time with friends,my sense of grounding and centre return. Tired and happy, I can now interact with other people again.


Natalie said...

Oh that's good. I hope you and Chris enjoyed the gig?

Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

the gig was ace!

Note to self:if you go to a gig at Rock City on a Saturday, there seems to be a 10pm curfew on the gig to allow the club night to happen.

We of course were there in good time.

The air of uncertain ness as to whent he band would come on stage caused quite a pleasent tension that resulted with us having to leave the bar area and venture onto the main floor. Heaving with bodies, the first how many numbers, got the assembled body to work in unison to show the appreciation.

Obviously we knew that there would be a much better atmosphere for dancing back at the bar so one by one returned to that area.

The set seemed to be in two halves. All the stuff you really kinew, phew heard that, then a lull, then stuff what you didn't know that was infectious, dancing a go go.

really enjoyed the gig, spoke to some friendly people, had some laughs, got a flyer for a gig in a pub, in Notts in Feb.

Got home, got warm !