Wednesday, 31 October 2007

last day of October 2007

it is the last day of 2007.
It is th e - last day of October 2007.

Do we need to be told about when we are right and when we are wrong. maybe we know. Maybe we know before the comment is made. Maybe we don't need to hear the comment. Why does a person jump so quickly on what another person has said. Is it judgement. Is it dislike. Is it fear. Is it hit before you get hit.

If in the real world, comments are made in real time and it's all too fierce, why is it in the e - world where step time applies, that so few make a comment, engage, commit to an opinion. What is it, that is "in the way" of making a post ?


fineartatderby said...

why are there no comments - so far - for November....?

fineartatderby said...

And pictures would be 'nice'.... (?)

Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

with glee I find comments on these pages.

In response to the first question, I forget that I have this blog, there seems to be so many "things" that interest me that it's only in certain periods that I feel Ok to post. oh and the other reason, I've been full on with stuff for study and money earning so I rarely have the luxury of time to spend here.

Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

pictures, that's an interesting idea.

I make them, and tend to keep them to myself.

In that google search, I realise that the images currently "up" on the web are from another time.

In priority terms, I have real world deadlines and accounts to finish, so again the "me" time to present myself to a harsh world, has to be carfeully used, for a start, I have to consider what "me" is that I'm presenting to the harsh world.

fineartatderby said...

yes - I take your point about the images - but they could be of anything - the cup you're drinking out of at the time of blogging - would give a visual interest...

Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

I read with interest. I connect the comment about cup while blogging to the image on the main blog. It may not be what you mean.

It now becomes about me. Why should the cup be of interest. Oh it is because you've put it there. In my world, the harshness of my world is why is anybody really interested in that cup. My own intellilect(for want of a better word) hold me back. I am creativley held back by my own experiences of the world around me. I know I can make things. I know I can do stuff. Is it about arrogance. Am I not arrogant enough to want to place a picture of a cup on the blog. Am I questioning the mere fact of who would be interested in me. I know as a child,and yes it is still with me,that I was given feedback about my actions that continuously underminned and took apart what I was doing. The intention was noble and positive. Waking up to study awoke all those dormant residual memories. All too personal and hurtfull to even consider making work about. Too depressive. I look around me, there are works being made about identity, loads of stuff. Not formally described as identity, but belatently obviouse that that is what they are. What if the identity of someone is so mared by life experience that doing the simpliest thing is a real challenge.