Tuesday, 16 October 2007

the day after the rep situation was revealed

after lunch. reactor filling the space to my right.

Working through-still, the aftermath of the weekend and the Monday that was quite unsettling. Those concerned know what happened. It has left me in a fragile mental state. Once again the depressive tendancy has been fuelled by my reactions to actions of others.

I still find it dissappointing. I still find in annoying.

What ?

The lack of consideration and thought and respect for human beings for other human beings. How much mental pain need I go through until someone starts to realise what I'm trying to say.

I'm trying to say, "if you decide something that affects someone, tell them before everyone else finds out. It f****** hurts when you find out at the same time as eveyone else. Why does it hurt. It hurts, as it is like hearing a nasty remark about you when you are in the room. The person saying the remark has no positive consideration about the person about whom the remark is said.

Just put yourself in that situation in your own mind.

Do you like how that feels ?

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